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Top 15 Ways to Lose Belly Fat Without Exercising

Do you want to lose belly fat without exercising? It is totally possible. What it takes is to have the right mindset and be able to do what it takes to achieve your objective. As we enter 2020, make a resolution how many pounds you want to lose within the first 3 months of the year and be determined to work towards that goal.

Losing belly fat without exercising is very possible but it doesn't come easy. However, it is something you need to do, losing belly fat won't only help you feel good and look attractive, it will also help you avoid diseases such as heart disease, type-diabetes, and certain types of cancers.

Most of us are too busy at work to have time for exercise. If your schedule doesn't leave you any free time for exercising, don't worry, just make sure you follow the guidelines below to start working towards losing as much belly fat as possible.

Below, we have made a list of ways you can lose belly fat without exercising.

Top 15 Ways to Lose Belly Fat Without Exercising

Keto diet: Top 15 Ways to Lose Belly Fat Without Exercising

1. Reduce Sugar Intake

Sugar makes you fat. When you want to lose belly fat, the first thing you should start avoiding is sugar. Instead of eating sugar, replace them with proteins, vegetables, and whole grains instead of eating sugars that are found in processed foods.

Before you take your tea or coffee, add cinnamon powder to it, this will help you reduce your belly fat by stabilizing your blood sugar levels. It also makes you feel full for a longer period of time.

2. Drink Plenty of Water

It is recommended that you need at least 8 glasses of water per day. Most of us don't get that amount every day. You can lose tummy fat when you drink lots of water. Start by taking two cups of water before each meal, if you can do this, you will lose about 7kg in just 12 weeks.

Two cans of soda will give you 270 calories; you can save yourself from gaining these extra calories by replacing your sugary drinks with water. Moreover, water will help you stay hydrated.

3. Get Enough Sleep

According to a research, people who sleep for just 6 hours or less daily gain 2 kg more than those who sleep for 8 hours. You have 27% more risk of developing obesity when you are a light sleeper.

Lack of sleep stimulates appetite and forces you to eat. When you have a good sleep, it will normalize your hunger hormones known as ghrelin and leptin.

4. Reduce Stress

Stress makes you gain weight. A high-stress level leads to a high level of cortisol. It is this cortisol that regulates glucose levels, fat, and carbohydrate metabolism. When your cortisol level keeps on rising, it will lead to an increase in your stomach fat. If you wish to reduce stomach fat, manage your stress levels.

5. Increase Your Intake of Vitamin C

If you found yourself going through much stress, you can fight it by increasing your intake of vitamin C. Research shows that vitamin C helps to produce carnitine - a compound that works in a special way by converting fat into energy. A good way to get vitamin C into your body is by taking vitamin C supplements.

6. Take More Protein

Protein is an essential nutrient for an overall weight loss. When you have enough protein, there will be an increase in your metabolism. That's not all, it will also lead to a reduced cravings and help increase the feeling of satiety. A research in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that you can reduce the rate you feel hungry by increasing your protein intake from 15% to 30%.

7. Eat Little Portions of Food Consistently

Don't wait until you get hungry before you eat. Instead, eat little portions between intervals. The fact is that if you wait until you are famished before you eat, there is a strong possibility that you will overeat.

You are also likely to indulge in unhealthy snacking when you are hungry. You can avoid this by eating small portions of balanced diet between intervals throughout the day.

8. Eat Unsaturated Fats

Believe it or not, eating unsaturated fats can help you lose weight. If you love avocado and olive, you will be happy to know they have a rich amount of unsaturated fats which you need to be eating more when you want to lose weight.

According to a new research, eating unsaturated fats can help you burn off more energy.

9. Eat Lots of Fiber

Eating fiber is necessary when you want to lose belly fat, it will help you balance your blood sugar levels and also prevent insulin resistance. Fiber slows down the absorption of carbs and sugars, making it less likely to store fat or even develop diabetes.

Again, fiber will help you avoid constipation and pass out food quickly.

10. Avoid Chewing Gum

Most people see chewing gum as part of their fashion. You should try to avoid this habit as much as possible, it causes swallowing puff-producing air. When this happens, it leads to bloating. If you want to keep your breath fresh, use mints instead.

11. Eat Healthy Carbohydrates

You know how it was said that carbohydrates make you fat. However, not every carbohydrate is bad. Some carbohydrates contain vitamins and minerals that are good for the body. You can lose belly fat when you choose your carbohydrates from cereal fiber, brown rice, bulgur wheat, couscous, and even dark bread. Most of these carbohydrates are filled with fiber that will give you the feeling of satiety.

12. Eat 3 Servings of Dairy Foods Daily

If you are looking to lose belly fat fast, eat 3 servings of dairy products such as buttermilk, yogurt, milk, and cheese daily. Eating these foods will help you to improve digestion, boost your immunity, and even help you lose those extra pounds. Moreover, they are known for giving the feeling of satiety which means you won't need to eat for a long time.

13. Take a Short Walk

If you don't have a busy life that involves taking bus, stairs or getting involved in some physical activities, it would be a good idea to take a short walk every day.

Walking is not exercise per se. Moreover, it is advisable to get some physical activities for your overall health. You can lose one pound per week when you start taking walk often and up to 20 pounds in five months.

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Keto Diet: The best diet for people over 50!

The keto diet has gained in popularity in recent years and has become a nutritional plan favored by individuals of all ages. That said, this dietary roadmap might precipitate particularly important health benefits to persons over age 50.

Keto Diet: The best diet for people over 50!

Keto Diet: The best diet for people over 50!

Keto Diet Overview

Scientifically classified the ketogenic diet, this nutritional plan stresses the decreased consumption of foods containing carbohydrates and an increased intake of fats. The reduced intake of carbohydrates is said to eventually place the bodies of participating dieters into a biological and metabolic process known as ketosis.

Once ketosis is established, medical researchers opine the body becomes especially efficient in burning fat and turning said substances into energy. Moreover, during this process, the body is thought to metabolize fat into chemicals categorized as ketones, which are also said to provide significant energy sources.

[An accelerator of this is an intermittent fasting method where the restricting of carbs causes your body to access the next available energy source or ketones that are derived from stored fat. In this absence of glucose, fat is now burned by the body for energy.]

There are a number of other specific ketogenic diets including:

Targeted (TKD)

Those participating in this version gradually add small amounts of carbohydrates into their diet.

Cyclical (CKD)

Adherents to this dietary plan consume carbohydrates on a cyclical basis like every few days or weeks.


High-protein diet observers consume greater quantities of protein as part of their dietary plans.

Standard (SKD)

Typically, this most commonly practiced version of the diet intake significantly diminished concentrations of carbohydrates (perhaps as little as five percent of all dietary consumption), along with protein-laden foods and a high quantity of fat products (in some cases, as much as 75 percent of all dietary needs).

In most cases, the average dieter or someone who is new to the keto diet partakes in the standard or high-protein versions. The cyclical and targeted variations are usually undertaken by professional athletes or persons with very specific dietary requirements.

Recommended Foods

Keto diet adherents are encouraged to consume foods like meat, fatty fishes, dairy products such as cheeses, milk, butter and cream, eggs, produce products possessing low carbohydrate concentrations, condiments like salt, pepper and a host of other spices, various needs and seeds and oils like olive and coconut. On the other hand, certain foods should be avoided or strictly limited. Said items include beans and legumes, many fruits, edibles with high sugar contents, alcohol and grain products.

Keto Diet Benefits To Individuals Over 50

Keto diet adherents, especially those aged 50 and older, are said to enjoy numerous potential health benefits including:

Increased Physical And Mental Energy

As people grow older, energy levels might drop for a variety of biological and environmental reasons. Keto diet adherents often witness a boost in strength and vitality. One reasons said occurrence happens is because the body is burning excess fat, which in turn gets synthesized into energy. Furthermore, systemic synthesis of ketones have a tendency to increase brain power and stimulate cognitive functions like focus and memory.

Improved Sleep

Individuals tend to sleep less as they age. Keto dieters often gain more from exercise programs and become tired easier. Said occurrence could precipitate longer and more fruitful periods of rest.


Aging individuals often experience a slower metabolism than they did during their younger days. Long-time keto dieters experience a greater regulation of blood sugar, which can increase their metabolic rates.

Weight Loss

Faster and more efficient metabolism of fat helps the body eliminate accumulated body fat, which could precipitate the shedding of excess pounds. Additionally, adherents are also believed to experience a reduced appetite, which could lead to a diminished caloric intake.

Keeping the weight off is important especially as adults age when they may need less calories daily compared to when living in there 20s or 30s even. Yet it is still important to get nutrient rich food from this diet for older adults.

Since is common for aging adults to lose muscle and strength, a high protein specific ketogenic diet may be recommended by a nutritionist.

Protection Against Specific Illnesses

Keto dieters over age 50 could reduce their risk of developing ailments such as diabetes, mental disorders like Alzheimer's, various cardiovascular maladies, various kinds of cancer, Parkinson's Disease, Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) and multiple sclerosis.


Aging is considered by some as the most important risk factor for human illnesses or disease. So reducing aging is the logical step to minimize these risk factors of disease.

Good news extending from the technical description of the ketosis process presented earlier, shows the increased energy of youth as a result and because of the usage of fat as a fuel source, the body can go through a process where it can misinterpret signs so that the mTOR signal is suppressed and a lack of glucose is evident whereby it is reported aging may be slowed.

Generally for years, multiple studies have noted that caloric restriction can aid to slowing aging and even increase lifespan. With the ketogenic diet it is possible, without reducing carories to have an effect on anti aging. An intermittent fasting method used with the keto diet can also have an effect on vascular aging.

When a person fasts intermittently or when on the keto diet, BHB or Beta-Hydroxybutyrate is produced that is believed to induce anti-aging effects.

To be fair, as reported in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health article "Effects of Ketogenic Diets on Cardiovascular Risk Factors" in May 2017; the ketogenic diets, which are very low in carbohydrates and usually high in fats and/or proteins is used effectively in weight loss during treatment of obesity and cardiovascular diseases. However, an important note in the article was that "Results regarding the impact of such diets on cardiovascular risk factors are controversial" and "Moreover, these diets are not totally safe and can be associated with some adverse events. "

Safe to say, more is needed than simply researching this diet, benefits, positive effects, and side effects especially in aging adults by the internet and periodicals alone. Ones specifically should consult her or his medical professional about specific concerns.

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TOP 51 Weight Loss Tips and Fat Loss Tricks for beginners

Do you want to lose weight in 2 - 4 weeks? Discover how to lose belly fat in 20 - 40 days from now, in this article you can find 50 free weight loss tips.

TOP 51 Weight Loss Tips and Fat Loss Tricks for beginners

TOP 51 Weight Loss Tips and Fat Loss Tricks for beginners

1. Set up Small Realistic Weight Loss Goals. For example i need to lose 10 pounds per month by avoiding fried foods and by eating fruits as snacks instead of cookies, chips or ice-cream.

2. Drink Plenty of Water during the day, try to have 6 - 8 glasses per day.

3. Have Fruits as Snacks between your meals instead of unhealthy snacks.

4. Avoid Fried Types of Food, fried food contain a lot of fat.

5. Make Healthy Food Choices - Fish, Chicken and Vegetables are all good choices (avoid fried types.)

6. Avoid Soda - try to drink more water or low fat milk instead.

7. Move Your Body and Adapt some Weekly Exercising - walking, jogging, running, swimming, stair climbing, bike-riding and different types or sports are all types of exercises and movements you could do in order to burn off more fat.

8. Keep a Food Dairy, write down all your food choices in advance for the week.

9. Always Bring a Shopping List when you go grocery shopping, and eat before you go shopping.

10. Eat Slowly - your body is slow to register when it starts to get full.

11. Make a pause of 5 minutes before you add more food to your plate, this break will help you feel if you are full or not.

12. Stop Eating when you are Full.

13. Don't Eat Late in the Evening.

14. Eat Smaller Meals more often during the day - split your 2 - 3 large meals into 5 - 6 smaller meals during the day.
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15. Always Eat Breakfast - this will increase your metabolism, and you will also avoid to overeat at the next meal.

16. Build Muscle, muscle helps you increase your metabolism and burn fat.

17. Have Oatmeal and fresh fruit for Breakfast.

18. Walk More, 20 - 30 minutes of walking per day can make a big difference in your weight every month.

19. Dancing is a fun and effective way to lose weight.

20. Avoid Processed Foods.

21. Avoid Whole Grains such as Bread, Cereal and Pasta. You'll instantly notice you have more energy, feel better and you'll probably lose 5-10 lbs of stomach fat in just a few weeks...

22. Avoid Sugar, Whole Grains and Dairy. If you were to eliminate just these 3 foods from your diet (sugar, whole grains, dairy) then I guarantee you will easily lose 20 lbs+ of stomach fat.

23. Eat More Eggs such as Scrambled Eggs for Breakfast or Omelet.

24. Eat a Small Piece of Dark Chocolate.

25. Chicken Breast or Tuna are Healthy Types of Food to Eat.

26. Make a written list of the reasons that you want to lose weight. Read the list any time you feel your will power wane.

27. Take the stairs and ignore elevators and escalators.

28. Take a long walk at least once per week.

29. Preplan your meals.

30. Precook your meals.

31. Prepackage your meals.

32. Use Smaller Plates for your meals.

33. Keep a list of your favorite recipes on hand that work with your fat loss meal plan.

34. Eat More Berries such as Blueberries and Strawberries.

35. Drink Green Tea.

36. Establish a regular sleep schedule, even on the weekends.

37. Avoid Alcohol.

38. An apple and 6 almonds makes a quick and portable breakfast or snack.

39. Challenge a friend or family member to a weight loss battle.

40. Buy new clothes in a smaller size, it can inspire you to lose weight.

41. Eat the sweeter fruits like banana, mango, melon, and pineapple sparingly.

42. Keep a few serving size bags of almonds or walnuts in your car or purse for an emergency snack.

43. Be inspired by others who have lost weight in the past.

44. Use the mirror, the scale, and the way your clothes fit to measure your fat loss.

45. If you are not hungry then don't eat.

46. Interact with others working to lose weight.

47. Have Chicken Sausage instead of ordinary sausage.

48. Eat Avocados.

49. Beef. I'm partial to sirloin and grass-fed when I can find it. But any lean cut that you like will do. usually make my steak stir fried in a wok with olive oil or grilled on my clamshell style contraption that bares the name of a former heavy weight champ.

50. No Sugar (artificial sweeteners included). In many diets, sugar is the number one culprit when it comes to putting on weight, especially around your stomach. Some of the main foods that you need to look out for would be - Soda (even diet soda), - Juices and Sweetened Teas (orange juice, apple juice etc), - Processed Foods. Simply by eliminating sugar, most people can lose 10 lbs in one month.

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Ketogenic Diet Menu For Weight Loss: What is SKD, TKD And CKD?

If you have decided to lose weight this spring, then you might want to consider the Ketogenic diet. The diet has been around for a long time and was once used to treat patients with epileptic or seizure problems, especially among young kids. Nowadays, the diet has lost its popularity with the advent of prescription drugs that treat the health problem. The diet however is used by many dieters around the world because of its efficacy and although diets have its side effects, knowing about the diet and following the rules can help one lose weight without compromising their overall health.

Ketogenic Diet Menu For Weight Loss: What is SKD, TKD And CKD?

Ketogenic Diet Menu For Weight Loss: What is SKD, TKD And CKD?

Beginners especially should have a brief overview of the diet and the meal plan to help them make an informed decision should they decide to do the diet on their own. As always, those with health problems should consult their medical health provider so that they can help patients to adjust to the meal plan or to monitor them to ensure that the ketogenic therapy will not affect their health.

3 Types of Ketogenic Diets

Ketogenic diet is a high fat low carbohydrate diet with adequate protein thrown in the meal. It is further divided into three types and depending on one's daily calorie needs, the percentage differs. Diets are often prepared on a ratio level such as 4:1 or 2:1 with the first number indicating the total fat amount in the diet compared to the protein and carbohydrate combined in each meal.

Standard - SKD

The first diet is the Standard or the SKD and is designed for individuals who are not active or lead a sedentary lifestyle. The meal plan limits the dieter to eat a net of 20-50 grams of carbohydrates. Fruits or vegetables that are starchy are restricted from the diet. In order for the diet to be effective, one must strictly follow the meal plan. Butter, vegetable oil and heavy creams are used heavily to replace carbohydrates in the diet.

Targeted - TKD

The TKD is less strict than the SKD and allows one to consume carbohydrates though only in a certain portion or amount which will not impact the ketosis that one is currently in. The TKD diet helps dieters that perform some level of exercise or workout.

Cyclical - CKD

The CKD is preferable for those who are into weight training or do intensive exercises and not for beginners as it requires the person undergoing the diet to stick to a SKD meal plan for the five days in a week's time and eating/loading up on carbohydrates on the next two days. It is important that dieters follow the strict regimen to ensure that their diet is successful.

These are just a brief overview of the ketogenic diet and hopefully would help one decide if they are interested in the diet. For an in-depth discussion of the benefit and effects of the diet plan, it is best to consult your medical health provider.

Want to find recipes, articles and more information on the ketogenic diet menu plan? Visit our website today to learn more about the ketogenic diet menu - high fat, low carbohydrate diet and how it can affect your overall health.

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Weight Loss: Your Personal Fat Loss Program

Do you want shedding pounds? When you are, you might have been informed to construct your personal weight loss plan. Diet plans, which actually function as handbooks and inspiration for several some individuals, have already been recognized by help many achieve fat reduction aims. Even though it is so much more than possible so that you can enter a nearby weight loss program or perhaps an on the net weight reducing plan and have a weight loss plan provided to a person, many require consolation in creating their personal, custom made burgers weight loss plans.

If this happens to be the number one time period setting about to create a weight loss program for only yourself, you may well be cynical in order to the way you will need to begin. In such a case, it would be best to continue reading on. Below, a number of many ingriedients a weight loss eating plan are stated for your leisure.

Weight Loss: Your Personal Fat Loss Program

Weight Loss: Your Personal Fat Loss Program (for beginners)

Perhaps, the most crucial ingredient of an eating plan is of eating healthily. Heatlhy nutrition is a crucial component of reducing weight. When it comes to healthy eating, you don't necessarily need to cut unhealthy foods, like dark chocolate, wholly from out of your diet, yet it is best to restrict each of your in your diet. Should you find that you have a controversy cutting down fast food or sugars from your diet, you may desire to develop an eating daily schedule for only yourself. That often having plan could include days or meals that you allow up to have a deal with. In a manner, you can consider that time as a reward for doing so well.

In addition to making a comprehensive plan for only yourself, besides you may want to build a more complete consuming daily schedule. To get started, you may desire to exploration well balanced food recipes on the net or purchase a eating healthily recipe book. After you have whatever a good diet to create, you can better plan out all your meals or snacks. That will help prohibit you from becoming fed up with the use of ingesting the very same foods over and over again, you may want to test out different healthy foods and healthy foods. The most successful way to be targeted and on endeavor is usually to "spice," up your weight loss program as much as possible.

Besides from eating healthy, another significant component of reducing weight is regular exercise. That is why personal fat loss plan should consist of workout. Identical to the healthy eating weekly schedule outlined above, you may wish to develop a workout plan on your own. In the event that integrates the workout into one's workout program, you can enjoy a number of different options. For instance, you can obtain a affiliation at your nearby fitness centers, buy workout Dvd videos to utilise in your home, buy other exercise machines, just like a dancer or perhaps a stair creeper, or workout at no cost with going for walks.

Must you join a web weight reducing plan or maybe a regional fat reduction plan, one would likely be a section of a bigger group; a group that has promote to one another. When designing your own fat loss program, you possibly will not inevitably have that same promote. That is the reason why, you probably should carefully consider watching in case you have any buddies, family, people, or coworkers that might want to workout together with you. Possessing a exercise routine partners will often provide you with help that you need, and also work as more than a little bit willingness according to your needs.

When making a weight loss plan for everyone, you are advised to put your plan in publishing. To have your weight loss plan in publishing, namely the workout routines that you desire to do and the food which you desire to have and the moment, may assist to effectively keep you going with reducing weight. Something you may wish to do is submit your desired schedules within a well-seen recognize, like on your refrigerator.

For More information about weight loss plan visit our site!

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What is the Easiest Way to Get a Flat Belly?

If your aim is to losing weight and get a flat belly you must have to adopt something that is very different: In some cases, miracles only happen if and only if you let them happen. If we asked any woman or man a question that from which part of their body they are not satisfied, a good percentage would answer that dissatisfied part of their body is their belly fat. If you think that, there is not any product that makes you fit again so, your thinking is totally wrong? There is a product that helps you and reduces maximum weight around 23 to 27 lbs. of weight, only in 21 days. In addition to this "miraculous product," you do not have any need to do a strict diet or even any exercise.

What is the Easiest Way to Get a Flat Belly?

How to Get a Flat Belly?

The product that gives to your hopeless life a new hope, that makes you fit and smart, it is "Fat Belly Fix", it is also called "21 Days Flat Belly Fix System". This product is basically a program, with which you can reduce your minimum 1 lb. of weight every day and within 21 days, it will give you a beautiful shape body without any exercise or without any diet plan, is this sound amazing? Yes, this is.

Who discovered the flat belly fix system?

This amazing system is developed by a SWAT leader, who is a cop and developed this system for his beloved wife, who gained a lot of weight in five years and tried each and everything for reducing weight but nothing worked. She got hopeless and then got very sick. SWAT leader for the sake of helping his wife took a step, he researched a lot and finally, he successfully discovered a system with which anyone can reduce 1 lb (1 pound) of weight every day without controlling their regular and normal diet.

Latest technique for reducing weight

"21 days flat belly fix system" is the different and latest technique for reducing weight, this system is completely safe, you don't need to worry about that something wrong happens with you, It could be a great resource for you to reduce belly fat, as you know how dangerous belly fat could be, It is a healthy and latest technique to get back a healthy and stylish life.

An effective technique for a flat belly

The flat belly fix system proves the effective weight loss power of ancient spices, through which we take the advantage of a recent scientific discovery that mixed with other modern ingredients for flat belly fixate. By using this system you can correct your own kitchen in minutes. Once, if you correct your kitchen, then automatically you will be able to get a perfect belly and a beautifully shaped body.

A useful system for fat burning

If you enter in this program, you will instantly access the secret of "Fat Burning" recipe which includes the spice, the right proportions of tea and other ingredients that are designed especially to reduce the fat of belly and also burn the fat of other parts of the body. This system worked as a fat destroying machine that gives your body perfect shape and you will look just like your dreams which you deserve to look. You should have to try this system, for looking more beautiful, more charming and smart. Read more here.

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Weight Loss Heart Rate

One of the biggest myths in the fitness/weight loss industries is the one that says you must boost heart rates up to a certain level; often called the fat burning zone. They push the 'fact' that when your heart rate is within this zone, you will then start losing body fat. This is totally wrong and I hope to clarify this for you. In actual fact this practice is the opposite of what you should be focusing on. Let me explain.

The belief that increasing your heart rate to this level mistakenly leads people to engage in low intensity routines which simply boost heart rates. These are very ineffective and you will soon give up due to poor results. You are doing this to lose body fat and need to see results. You would like to see results fast obviously, but first you must drop the myth that target heart rates equate with a good workout. They do not.

Weight Loss Heart Rate

Losing Body Fat Has Nothing To Do With Target Heart Rates and Fat Burning Zones

A high intensity workout utilizing weights and various related exercises will lead you to burn more fat and calories in the day after training. Even when you are not in the gym! This phenomenon is a result of the hormonal and metabolic changes that your body experiences during the workout. These effects are nothing to do with your heart rate, even though that will increase during the exercises. It is the type of exercises that give the lasting changes mentioned.

Losing Body Fat Has Nothing To Do With Target Heart Rates and Fat Burning Zones

This has been shown by scientific research to be true. The work has shown that lifting heavier weights while doing a workout will lead to a higher rate of fat and calorie burning for a period of one to two days after the workout. This is compared to a lower level of burning following a lighter exercise regime involving lighter weights with more repetitions. This explains the basis behind the advice I give which is to do six or eight reps per set, instead of say twelve to fifteen reps. You will actually get better fat loss with the fewer reps, and heavier weights. This principle is one of the main points of intensity training. It is this period of fat and calorie burning in the days after the exercise that you want to nurture.

Research has also shown that variable interval training is a lot more effective than the slow and steady cardio exercising for fat loss. It is also better for this post exercising calorie burning period. This type of workout is also a much more efficient use of your time. So use high intensity, variable interval training to really burn fat and not the low intensity, slow steady cardio exercises.

I am not saying your heart rate is not important. It is actually useful to monitor it during your recovery phase of the interval training. In this type of training try to get your heart rate to drop to below 60% of your maximum rate, before starting the next phase. You do not want to start high intensity work too soon or before your body has gone through the recovery period.

There are various guidelines available on the net which give you more details on intensity training and how to adjust the recovery periods to get the correct overall balance. It is certainly worth a little research to get it right.

So, to summarize;

If you really want to lose body fat fast, stop worrying about target fat burning heart rates and 'zones'. Simply ensure that you work at high intensity exercises utilizing weights, dumbbells, barbells or weight lifting machines. Ensure that you learn about and use variable intensity and interval training.

Work hard at this, it's not easy, nothing is, but persist and get it right. The results will be worth it and will astound you.

Read more about weight loss heart rate
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Top 15 Ways to Lose Belly Fat Without Exercising

Do you want to lose belly fat without exercising? It is totally possible. What it takes is to have the right mindset and be able to do wha...